Design on a Dime

Having web presence for any business is critical. At a minimum, visitors need to know what you do, how to contact you, and examples or testimonials surrounding your work. Unless you are versed in the principals of design, this can seem a daunting task. Let us help. We offer a professionally designed site with 4 pages:

  • Home Page or Landing Page;
  • About Page which describes you and/or your business;
  • Contact Page with an automated contact form;
  • and a Portfolio or Other Page to showcase your business.

Pick from a variety of backgrounds, fonts, and colors. We’ll help with layout, and populate your site with content provided by you. You have full access to update your information to make your content fresh. All this for $400.

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Let's Make It Personal

As web consumers, we are constantly bombarded with reams of information. Once we start to experience this information overload, we begin to “tune out”. Making your site streamlined and relevant to your visitors is paramount. Don’t continue to serve the same stale content to your users. Personalize!

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Control Your Updates

At Untangled, we design using WordPress. WordPress is used to host  more than 25 million sites, and is a free software supported by a community of hundreds of programmers. Once your site has been designed, you have full control over updates and content. We’ll provide initial training, and we are always available for questions or updates.



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